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Fire equipment refers to various devices and systems used to detect, control, and extinguish fires. Servicing of fire equipment involves regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that these devices and systems are in good working condition and can perform as intended in case of a fire.

Roof & in-rack Fire Sprinkler Systems

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are automatic fire suppression systems designed to control or extinguish a fire in a building or structure. Commercial fire sprinkler systems are typically required by local building codes and fire codes for larger or high-occupancy buildings, and are an important part of overall fire safety in commercial structures.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing is a method used to ensure the safety and reliability of CO2 fire extinguishers by checking the strength and integrity of the cylinder. The test involves filling the cylinder with water and applying increasing pressure to it until the desired test pressure is reached.

Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Fire detection and suppression refers to the methods and systems used to detect and extinguish fires. Fire detection systems typically include smoke detectors, heat detectors, and fire alarms that alert people when a fire is detected. Fire suppression systems, on the other hand, refer to the active measures taken to extinguish or control a fire.

Commercial Kitchen Systems

Commercial kitchen suppression systems are fire suppression systems designed specifically for commercial kitchens to control and extinguish cooking fires. They typically use a combination of chemicals and fire-extinguishing agents, such as water, foam, or dry chemicals, to suppress fires.

Maintenance & Systems Overhaul

Small works sprinkler maintenance typically includes tasks such as checking and cleaning sprinkler heads, checking and repairing any leaks, adjusting the spray pattern to ensure proper coverage, and testing the system to ensure it's functioning properly and ensuring the sprinkler system in good working condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions range from what is the best fire extinguisher to use for a certain situation to how regularly we can assist with fire servicing. Contact us below for more information.

Fire equipment should be serviced every 12 months (yearly) by a registered company . Products are serviced by a BSI or SABS approved Company and SAQCC registered technician – the technicians registration number should be indicated on the service label. (you can check the service technician or companies on the following website:

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